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Ethics In Business & Community

Perhaps community-driven efforts are most extraordinary in the business world, where socially-responsible behavior is not always the norm. The Ethics in Business & Community (EiBC) Award is given annually to businesses, nonprofits, and individuals who exemplify ethical practices in their official dealings and day-to-day endeavors. RecognizeGood is proud to sponsor this award, which benefits the Samaritan Center, and to continue encouraging a dialogue about business ethics within our community.  By recognizing such behavior, we all learn that doing GOOD is good business!

The Ethics in Business program was started in Central Texas by the Samaritan Center in 2001 and was adopted by RecognizeGood on the event’s 10th anniversary.  Each year, nominations are gathered by RecognizeGood. Nominees are then researched and vetted by College of Business students at Concordia University Texas during their study of ethical principles.  Once the students have reviewed the initial applications they narrow the field of nominees to 3 finalists in each category and begin a rigorous, in-depth review of each finalist before presenting their findings to an independent selection committee of business and community leaders.  The selection committee is led by Dr. Lynette Gillis, Dean of the College of Business at Concordia University Texas. Concordia is awarded the Tom & Reina Wiatt Scholarship of $15,000 for their involvement with the research and selection process of selecting the finalists. This scholarship goes to the Thrivent Scholars Fund which allows students to attend a leadership field trip.

All finalists are recognized and award recipients announced at the awards luncheon, attended by hundreds of Texas business leaders and growing in size each year.

 The deadline for this year’s award nominations has passed, but make your nominations for next year through December 31st.


Award Criteria

  • Be Respectful 
  • Be Fair 
  • Be Honest 
  • Strive for Justice 
  • Embrace Sustainability

Award Categories

  • Small Business (5-49 employees)
  • Mid-size Business (50-399 employees)
  • Large Business (400+ employees)
  • Nonprofit
  • Individual


“If we try to be an example to others, it stands to reason that we also look for examples to emulate. If you surround yourself with groups that you admire, you have the opportunity to take on their positive characteristics. This can also serve to confirm your own good, ethical traits. You do good, you see others do good, they see you do good … it’s a neat cycle!”   

Marc Bove, President – The Bommarito Group 

“Our firm has won more than 50 industry awards over the last eight years. Winning the Ethics in Business award is by far, the greatest recognition we have ever received.”    

Kevin Tuerff, President – EnviroMedia Social Marketing

“All of us in leadership positions have the responsibility to share our ethics and demonstrate integrity in our daily walk, especially when it isn’t easy.  I was honored and humbled by this award.”    

Brian McCoy, CEO – McCoy’s Building Supply Centers 

15th Annual Ethics in Business & Community Awards Luncheon

Thursday, May 18, 2017 – 11:00 a.m.


As we all stand together as pillars for good, we form the foundation of a fair and just business community where, as partners, we can all thrive. RecognizeGood, Samaritan Center and Concordia University invite you to honor Central Texas businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals for their exemplary ethical standards and behavior. For more information about sponsorship levels and opportunities contact:  |  (800) 232-4810


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