RecognizeGood Photo: Ethics in Business & Community Award Seminar

Ethics in Business & Community Awards Seminar

Our first informational seminar for next year’s Ethics in Business & Community Awards nominees was held this morning at City Hall, and overall we were very pleased with the event.  There was a great turnout, and each category of the award (Large Business, Small Business, Nonprofit and Individual) was very well-represented.  Our goal was to give each nominee the background of the award, a breakdown of the the rigorous “vetting” process by Concordia University students, and some insight into how much the award has meant to past winners.  Led by RecognizeGood founder John Bosch, Jr. and Dr. Lynette Gillis of Concordia University, and emceed by Legends Program Director George Mihalcik, the presentation was well-received and spawned some great questions and comments from the nominees.

One nominee brought up the idea of the award serving as a type of ethical self-test – WE think we’re doing things as ethically as possible on all levels, but let’s put that to the test!  Loved this comment, and was reminded of Goodwill Austin’s Jerry Davis similar comment at last year’s award banquet – when Jerry spoke about not taking home the award the first couple of years Goodwill Austin accepted a nomination, it caused them to re-evaluate their internal practices and hold themselves to an even higher standard.  This is exactly what the EIBC award is all about!

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