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There’s plenty of good happening all around us, right here in the Austin area – all you have to do is shine the light! Go out of your way to say thank you to a courteous driver, salute the volunteerism of a co-worker or give kudos to a local business for their corporate citizenship. Opportunities to show your gratitude are endless, but by making your Thank You public at you have the chance to inspire others. Recognizing good in your daily life is easy and only costs a few moments of your time – join our effort and elevate the collective power of good.

The RecognizeGood Thank You Wall

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One awesome man!!

Mike Coffin

For all the lives you changed because of your dedication and hard work, Thank You!

Frankie Fowler

Thanks for all you do

Ivory Maxwell


Bill Miller is uneven of a kind. He never boasts nor talks about what he has done. He is loved by many!!

frankie fowler

Thank you, Frankie Fowler, for your tireless hours at SafePlace!

Carole Price

The compassion and kindness you show is an inspiration to our community. Thank you!

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