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There’s plenty of good happening all around us, right here in the Austin area – all you have to do is shine the light! Go out of your way to say thank you to a courteous driver, salute the volunteerism of a co-worker or give kudos to a local business for their corporate citizenship. Opportunities to show your gratitude are endless, but by making your Thank You public at you have the chance to inspire others. Recognizing good in your daily life is easy and only costs a few moments of your time – join our effort and elevate the collective power of good.

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Patti Robinson


John Mc Pherson

Thanks John for all that you do and continue to do. There is no sign of quit in you; just a determination to trudge on into the future!!

david schumaker

Patti Robinson

Thanks Patti


Thanks to everyone that believes they make a difference and care enough to do so. You have demonstrated this in many ways.

Patti Robinson

Thanks Patti!

Patti Robinson


Tom Orlando
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