RecognizeGood Photo: Cambria Sawyer

RecognizeGood Spotlight: Cambria Sawyer

A small story – a photo and a blurb, really – from the Stateman’s “Community News” sections arrived on the RecognizeGood desk last week during all the hubbub of our 11th Annual Ethics in Business & Community Awards.  A student at Dripping Springs High School, named Cambria Sawyer, had collected $300.00 and planned to give the money to an orphanage in Mexico that she’d visited as a younger child.  The catch?  The money was entirely made up of pennies!  That’s right, Cambria had collected about thirty THOUSAND pennies.  What’s more, she’d displayed them – all of them – in a classroom at Dripping Springs High, encouraging other students to drop by and add to the incredible pile of pennies.  The black-and-white newspaper photo showed Cambria sitting cross-legged right in the middle of the pile of pennies, playfully tossing handfuls into the air with a huge smile.

The story reminded us of an anecdote shared by Luci Baines Johnson at our April Legends ceremony – she was so inspired by the efforts and attitude of April Legend Erin Kiltz, that she asked herself:  “Am I doing EVERYTHING I can do?”  Cambria’s story embodies that exact sentiment – as simple as it might be to simply write a big check to the orphanage in Mexico, this high school student wasn’t in a position to do the simple thing!  She didn’t have a lot of extra money.  What she did have was pennies.

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