RecognizeGood Spotlight: Citizen Generation

The heart of RecognizeGood is to simply say “thank you” to those doing good things in the community we love, live and work in.

Today’s Spotlight focuses on Citizen Generation, an organization created around the belief in the city of Austin as a national leader in philanthropy – and a belief in the younger generation as the key.  Over the past four years, founder Alex Winkelman has generated over $600,000 for Austin nonprofits – including many RecognizeGood donation beneficiaries like SafePlaceColin’s Hope and BookSpring.  Alex launched theCharityBash program in 2009, mixing fun and philanthropy at a unique monthly event which benefits different local NPOs.  With the success of the program – $86,000 was raised in CharityBash’s first year, $125,000 in its second – Alex expanded to launch new programs, and Citizen Generation was born.  If you are, or know, a young person in Austin seeking more information about becoming a part of Austin’s giving community, Citizen Generation provides a laid-back, fun introduction.  It’s truly an incredible program, and the success in such a short time is undeniably impressive.  Did we mention that Alex is just 23 years old?  Check out all of the Citizen Generation programs here, and make sure to connect on Facebook and Twitter!

The May 2013 CharityBash benefits Austin’s Groundwork Music Project, and is happening Thursday, May 23rd!  You can still buy tickets here.

‘I Am…” Citizen Generation from John Aldrich on Vimeo.

Citizen Generation on Facebook

Citizen Generation on Twitter

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