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RecognizeGood Photo: Donation

Google Study: Donation Searches Increase In September

A new research study by Google suggests that nonprofits might be waiting too long to start their year-end fundraising efforts.

In 2012, the number of donation-related searches on the company’s site was 30 percent higher in September than it was …

RecognizeGood Spotlight: Citizen Generation

The heart of RecognizeGood is to simply say “thank you” to those doing good things in the community we love, live and work in.

Today’s Spotlight focuses on Citizen Generation, an organization created around the belief in the city …

RecognizeGood Graphic: Our History

Recognizing Good is our Heart and our Passion!

Last week we shared a little bit about our history and how Recognize Good got started. This week we wanted to share with you about our heart and passion, what we are all about.
When we started RecognizeGood.org our passion

RecognizeGood Graphic: Our History

Where we’ve come from, and where we are headed.

In 2007 the TyRex Group Ltd., which consists of manufacturers and service providers that offer the highest quality and the latest technology available were chosen as the winner for the Ethics in Business award, a huge honor in itself. This …